Pumping solutions for the chemical market

In Ruhrpumpen, we manufacture pumps for transportation and handling of chemical substances. It doesn't matter if you are transferring the most hazardous and corrosive chemicals in the industry, we have the pump for you. We count with a wide range of pumps for chemical plants of all sorts, from plants dedicated to biochemical processes and biofuel production to a factories of bioplastic and facilities dedicated to the pharmaceutical production.

We have a wide range of centrifugal and reciprocating pumps for many different chemical processes. We can supply different materials and systems to handle even the most dangerous substances with zero leakage thanks to our Magnetic Driven Pump Lines. Here are some of the processes where Ruhrpumpen's Chemical Process pumps are used:

  • Amine Treating Plants
  • Lean / Semi Lean / Rich Amine Solutions
  • Acid / Alky Services
  • Sulfuric Acid Services
  • Acetic Acid Services
  • Liquid CO2 Services
  • Hydrofluoric Acid Services

Products for the Chemical Market