Sealless Mag Drive VS Mechanical Seal Pumps

We explain the differences between sealless magnetic drive pumps and traditionally sealed centrifugal pumps, and the reasons to choose a sealless mag drive over a mechanical seal pump

Nozzle Head Replacement part for Power Plant

RP Success Story | RP's engineering team successfully delivered a major pump component for one of the largest geothermal power plants in America.

Ruhrpumpen India Pvt Ltd

Ruhrpumpen inaugurates a new plant in Chennai, India. This facility replaces RP's existing facility in the region and allows us to provide a quick-response to our customers in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

RP's reciprocating pumps seal plans

Industries around the world have a duty to control the scape of pollutants. This is why Ruhrpumpen's engineering team has developed a range of Seal Plans and Emission Containment products to deal with this issue in reciprocating pumps.