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Introducing the RP ANSI Process Pump Range

Since 1955, committees in the United States have worked on the development of centrifugal pump standards to meet the needs of the chemical industry.

First, let's define ANSI pumps:

ANSI pumps are centrifugal process pumps that meet the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). By definition, these chemical pumps are horizontal, end suction single stage, centerline discharge, centrifugal pumps comparable in size and dimensions regardless of pump manufacturer. These pumps are required to meet the ANSI / ASME B73.1 standard of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

What does the ANSI / ASME B73.1 standard says?

The ANSI B73.1 standard was first published in 1974. Since then, the committee has continued to be active and has defined the standards for 27 pump sizes through several revisions.

It is the specification for horizontal, end suction, single stage centrifugal pumps for chemical process applications, and covers metallic centrifugal pump designs. The ASME B73.1 standard states the dimensional interchangeability requirements, configuration and design features to pump manufacturers in order to facilitate the installation, as well as to enhance reliability and safety of the pump unit.

Additionally, these standards set the guidelines and recommended practices related to the maintenance of these process pumps. The main focus of this standard is that all ANSI pumps manufacturers offer interchangeable equipment with respect to mounting dimensions, size and location of suction, and discharge nozzles, input shafts, baseplates, and foundation bolt holes.

It is important to mention that alternate designs are considered by the standard, provided they meet its intent and cover construction and performance specifications in equivalence with those specified.

Applications of ANSI pumps

Even though ANSI chemical pumps they are mostly used in the chemical and petrochemical industries, they can also be found in paper stock, ethanol production, pharmaceutical, food processing and several other process plants.

ANSI pumps offer plant operators the possibility to switch pumps and brands without having to change or redesign motor attachment, piping, coupling or baseplate dimensions.

Ruhrpumpen ANSI / ASME B73.1 Process Pump Range

CPO ANSI Process Pump

CPO Process Pump

With an open impeller design for heavy-duty applications as per industry standard ANSI B73.1

CPP Process Pump

Designed to exceed the ANSI B73.1 specification, its basic hydraulic and mechanical concept incorporates an enclosed impeller