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Ruhrpumpen’s VTP pumps were selected for this major water transfer project to help alleviate drought in La Paz, Bolivia

The water transfer project Pongo – Estrellani, one of many project that will help offset the impact of water scarcity in La Paz, was executed by Bolinter and recently inaugurated by authorities.

Bolinter is a Bolivian engineering and construction company serving the oil & gas industry specialized in pipeline construction as well as compressor stations, gas plants and refineries and all terrain construction projects in Bolivia, which has been in service for over 40 years. Bolinter developed the civil works, mechanics, hydrostatic test, gammagraphy and restoration of impacted areas, as well as the selection and acquisition of all pipe materials and equipment for the 16” steel welded underground pipeline.

Vertical Turbine Pumps for Water Transfer Project in Bolivia

At altitudes between the 4200 and 4600 meters above sea level, the Ministry of Environment and Water required Bolinter to build an aqueduct to counteract the severe water drought that led to water rationing in La Paz, Bolivia. This undertaking will provide La Paz with 200 liters of water per second to its water system.

The transfer is made through two pumping plants, which allow the water that flows in the Unduavi river to climb 800 meters to the Estrellani lagoon, and from there, by gravity, to go down to the Incachaca dam and a water treatment plant in Chuquiaguillo, in the city of La Paz.

Bolinter chose Ruhrpumpen to provide the pumping equipment for the two pumping stations built along this aqueduct.

Ruhrpumpen provided 8 vertical multi stage pumps, VTP 12B-75 model of 7 stages, with motors of 4000Kw. Each VTP pumps 240 m³/h at an altitude of 4200 m.

Ruhrpumpen was selected based on its demonstrated capabilities to provide the most efficient water pumping solutions and technical services for water transport and distribution with great reliability.

Ruhrpumpen Vertical Turbine Pump

About Ruhrpumpen's VTP pumps:

Our VTP line of Vertical Turbine Pumps consists of single and multi-stage vertically suspended centrifugal pumps normally designed to operate in wells or sumps. Available in non-API (HI design) and API 610 latest edition constructions for applications going from agricultural irrigation and dewatering to condensate extraction and oil pipelines.

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