Ruhrpumpen Featured Projects in Pumping Technology

Ruhrpumpen's featured projects in pumping technology - December 2017

Pumps for Power Generation Plants

Ruhrpumpen has a complete offering for Power Plant pumping needs... from general service and fire fighting pumps to boiler feed water pumps.

Ruhrpumpen Fire Pumps and Systems

Fire pumps are the heart of your fire suppression system, they provide the adequate water pressure for fire sprinklers and hose standpipes.

CPO Industrial Process Pump

Let's solve your industrial process needs... introducing the newly redesigned CPO pump.

OTD Offshore Technology Days booth

Fuglesangs group invited Ruhrpumpen to participate in the OTD exhibition, held from October 17 to 19 in Norway.

Ruhrpumpen at Refcomm 2017

Ruhrpumpen participated at Refcomm 2017, an important conference for the Decoking and Refinery Business, celebrated in Budapest from October 2-6.