Crosshead with Free Fall Arrestor

Hydraulic Decoking Systems

Ruhrpumpen's standard crosshead design is an efficient component of a cutting system for heavy-duty tasks in refineries.
Our proprietary Free-Fall Arrestor retrofit designs reduce the safety risk of the brakes of the crosshead and can usually be installed without interruption to existing decoker operations.

Operation Limits

Applications Hydraulic Decoking Systems


RP's retrofit Free Fall Arrestor designs can be provided alternatively:
  • With existing Shoe-Type Crossheads modified to accommodate Free Fall Arrestor and Arrestor actuation linkage
  • With new wheeled crossheads incorporating Free Fall Arrestor and actuation linkage, the crosshead can be modified for either existing rotary joints or Ruhrpumpen's Drill Stem Drives
  • Functional testing performed on a routine basis
  • On site, full load testing can be performed by qualified Ruhrpumpen personnel
  • Separate Arrestor cables, cable guides and spring cans are eliminated
  • Cable grippers are eliminated
  • TÜV (UL/FM equivalent) approved, proven in over 5,000 installations

Additional Services

The Ruhrpumpen's Service and Repair Centers offer full repair and retrofit services for decoking equipment and systems

Parts and repairs for all existing customer decoking systems and components, including:

  • Auto-Switch Combination Cutting Tools
  • Crosshead with Free Fall Arrestor
  • Drill Stem Drives (Rotary Joints)
  • Hoists: Electric / Hydraulic / Pneumatic
  • Decoking and Isolation Valves
  • Jet Pumps

Free-Fall Arrestor revamps and retrofits