Submersible Vertical Pumps

Submersible Pumps Vertical Installation

Vertical Submersible Pumps by Ruhrpumpen
The Ruhrpumpen Types PVT, TRT, LKT and STT are vertical submersible pumps for installation in a steel tube or a concrete well.

Operation Limits

Capacity 400 to 15,000 m³/h (1,761 to 66,043 gpm)
Head 1.5 to 13 m (5 to 43 ft)
Applications Water Lifting Stations, Water Works, Irrigation, Sewage Engineering, Power Stations, Sugar Industry, Dock Equipment (Ship building), Power Stations, Irrigation and Drainage, Disposal of Waste Water, Activated Sludge, Mixed Water.



A standardized submersible motor is combined with different pump casings and impellers to build the different pump types:

  • PVT with axial propeller for high flow and low heads
  • TRT with semi-axial impeller for medium flow and high heads
  • LKT with three-channel impeller for small flow and low heads
  • STT with non-clogging and nonstringing two-channel impeller

The pump is placed via an O-Ring and without any fixing devices on a machined, conical supporting and centring ring. By its own weight the pump is emplaced self-centring and resistant against tilting and distortion.

The installation has to be performed in a way that the intake of the pump is submerged to a certain depth. The necessary minimum submergence is shown in the pump curve as Hü.

  • PES-lifting rope for pump and cable with rubber elements to bind together cable and lifting rope
  • Monitoring system Thycon VR-T for evaluation of all sensors
  • Stable lifting handle where the lifting device is fixed on
  • Strain relief for the cable inlet
  • Water tight, replaceable cable inlet
  • Water tight encapsulated terminal housing with humidity probe
  • Temperature probes in the windings (3x PTC)
  • Dry running three-phase induction motor with squirrel cage rotor
  • Temperature monitoring of the lower bearings via PT100
  • Humidity probe in the oil chamber for early indication of inspection based on the water to oil ratio
  • Collection chamber with a float switch located underneath the lower bearings
  • Shaft sealing by two mechanical seals in tandem arrangement

*for complete information read the pump brochure

PVT - Submersible Axial Propeller Pump

The Ruhrpumpen Type PVT is a vertical submersible pump with axial propeller suitable for high flow and low head applications. It can pump clean, raw, river and rain water, as well as pre-cleaned waste water and activated sludge.

PVT Submersible Pump Performance Chart

TRT - Submersible Semi-Axial Pump

The Ruhrpumpen Type TRT is a vertical submersible pump with semi-axial impeller for installation in a steel tube or concrete well, suitable to pump clean and pre-cleaned fIuids.

TRT Submersible Pump Performance Chart

LKT - Submersible Three-Channel Pump

The Ruhrpumpen Type LKT is a vertical submersible pump with a three-channel impeller. It is suitable to pump activated sludge as well as mixed, rain and raw water with an upstream screen.

LKT Submersible Pump Performance Chart

STT - Submersible Sewage Pump

The Ruhrpumpen Type STT is a vertical submersible pump with non-clogging and nonstringing two-channel impeller in pot design for stationary dry or wet well installation. It is suitable for pumping sewage with coarse solid matter and fibrous content without upstream screen.

STT Submersible Pump Performance Chart